Bride's Information


Grooms Information


Wedding Information

Is either the bride or groom a member of Tabernacle Worship Center?

Has either the bride or groom been a member of Tabernacle Worship Center for 12 months?

Please reserve for us...

The Bridal Party

The Wedding Ceremony

Will you use candelabra?

Will you use a Runner?

Will you use a Bridal Veil?

Will you use a Printed Order of Worship?

The Reception

Other Information

Do you want to remove the flowers from the Sanctuary for your own use?

If so, we will use them for Sunday Worship Service and delivery to a shut-in.

If this application is approved, the conditions and regulations attached are to be observed, and the APPLICANT named above will assume all responsibility for damage, loss, or other liability arising from the use of the facilities.